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    I reached out my hands to touch a comet, and sparks danced to life from my touch. I floated away and towards an unknown planet; where I befriended the locals whom I called Glabagorbs. And they happily accepted their new name. Then I found my feet on the moon; hopping about and bounding high into its atmosphere. I gazed up at the earth so big, and round, and blue. I was soaring through the clouds of Neptune; that gaseous, blue, misty globe. Braving storms on Jupiter, the giant one eye monster of the solar system, it quickly overpowered me, and I was sucked inside the swirling torrential winds, which engulfed me whole-- tearing and clutching at my very being. I almost slipped into complete abysmal darkness when-- "Johnny," came a voice. "Johnny, wake up!"

    I awoke from my slumber and rubbed my groggy eyes. "Daddy?"

    "The movie's over now, champ."

    I looked around, still rather tired from my snooze. Sure enough, the chairs were empty, and the movie was over. "Are we going home now?" I murmured sleepily.

    "Not just yet. I have something to show you," he told me.

    "Um, O-okay," I replied. My curiosity piqued as my father led me down an adjoining corridor past several doors to the end of it, where a window sat.

    "Here we are," said Dad.

    I was confused, until I looked closer. Very faintly, I could see lines in the shape of a rectangle around the edges of the wall, and as I took it all in, father rapped loudly on it three times. Why, it was a door-- unmarked, and it blended into the wall. Upon closer inspection, a sticker that read "Employees Only" was stuck to the bottom left corner of the window. It was a door that was easy to miss if one wasn't looking.

The End

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