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    The rest of the video was mostly about earth and the moon, and at some point I got bored of listening to it and just watched. It's not that the movie was boring; the only problem with it was the announcer, who was standing at a podium to the side, narrating, from a paper he held, everything in a rather monotonous, droning tone. Impatiently, I tugged on my dad's arm.

    "Wait just a little longer, Johnny."

      I let go and spun around in the chair to survey everyone around me. There were a couple families sitting behind me who had older children. The youngest looked to be around Terry's age. Another row back sat a rather amorous couple, somewhere in their mid-teens, who were more interested in devouring each other's faces than in the rather droll presentation. A few seats over from them sat an older woman who was fixated upon the wall directly behind me. I turned round in my seat and started swinging my legs to and fro'. "Dad, is the movie done yet?"

    He replied, "Almost,"  still looking forward.

    I attempted to drown out the man's rather boring voice as best I could, and was soon drifting among the stars.

The End

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