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    The young woman, who had been chatting on the phone in a louder than normal voice motioned to her left towards the elevator. Dad took my hand and we stepped inside.

    The elevator was rather small, too--stuffy and confining. A panel of buttons sat on the wall to the right, and Dad pressed the lone button on the top row. As each floor passed, a ding sounded from the speakers, and the floor number on the display incremented by one. When the number over the door read 11, we exited the elevator into the hall and headed down a nearly door-less corridor to a room at the end straight ahead.

     My father pulled open the double doors at the end and ushered me inside. Several floor displays were scattered about, and several people stood around them. Some displays were interactive, while others were just informational. A voice came over the speaker system, and we were instructed to sit in chairs towards one side of the room that had been set out ahead of time. Dad and I sat down near the middle of the arrangement, and soon the rest of them were mostly filled. The lights dimmed, and a movie was played on the white wall opposite the chairs. 

    Black... Suddenly an explosion of white... The cosmos spun and swirled into existence. Rocks smashed, crashed and collided. Planets were formed. Suns and moons. Stars twinkled and shined, and comets darted across the screen. I was mesmerized. Big, black holes swallowed whole nebulae. Galaxies expanded and collapsed. Then a small blue ball whizzed by, followed by several other larger spheres; a giant multicolored planet, then a tiny red one, and then a slightly larger one seemingly ablaze, which became the focus of the screen. "Earth," came a voice from overheard. "Millions of years ago, after the Big Bang, the earth was a dormant ball of rock floating endlessly in space..." 

The End

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