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    I watched the world outside whiz by like lights on a revolving carousel then they suddenly died when my father turned down a street that ended at an unknown large building. The place was illuminated by a few lamp posts, but the majority of light on the grounds came from the glow that the windows produced forth from the large towering building in front of me. We got out of the truck, and Dad took my hand. "Come on, Johnny." We walked across the parking lot to the entrance. A sign nearby read, "COLUMBUS PUBLIC OBSERVATORY," in big bold letters. I didn't know what an observatory was. So, I asked my father.

    My Dad always described things to us in a rather whimsical way, and so he said, "John, it's a place where the stars and the planets out there, in that great big sky above come to life in m     After a few more minutes, Mom turned to Dad and said, "You should take him now," she motioned towards the door, "It's dark out enough."

    Dad nodded and once again lifted me up. "Hey, champ!" he said, "How would you like to come on a ride with me in the truck?"

    I loved going for rides in Dad's truck. My father had a habit of driving fast, and because it was summer, that also meant we could roll the windows down and let the wind blow through the cabin. It almost felt like flying,  and I loved it! However, Mom didn't. She would scold him whenever she found out, but he did it anyway. Said it gave him the feeling of freedom--whatever that meant. I didn't really know at that time.

    "What about Terry?" I asked.

The End

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