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    "It's all set, dear," Dad said as he bit into a dinner roll, which was too hot still, and he quickly grabbed his glass of water and took a rather gratuitous gulp. "I bunt by tunk!" he exclaimed.

We all laughed again, while mother reminded him, "They just came out of the oven," as she spooned some creamed corn into the baby's mouth, which seemed to dribble more down her chin than stay in her mouth.

    I remember thinking that my sister was gross, and wondered why i couldn't have just had another brother, like my older brother Terrence.

    The rest of dinner went by pretty much normally. Mom and Dad talked about grown-up things, like bills and news, my brother and I acted goofy and asked our parents all kinds of questions, and Arabella--well she was a baby. So, she cooed and whined and at one point needed a changing. Mom handled that while we told father of the mischief we'd gotten into at our different schools. I was in Kindergarten, and my brother... I was so jealous that he was in second grade learning about spelling and more complex things, like double-integer math.

   Though I loved school, I was very different away from home, with people I didn't really know. I tended to keep to myself and paint or build things with blocks. I was shy, and it showed. My parents were constantly talking to my teacher about my developmental issues; or, if it wasn't that, my social skills. She was worried that I would have trouble next year when I started actual schooling in first grade. But my father would keep telling her that I would be fine. Mom wanted me to be placed in some sort of special school, but my parents were poor from the very start, and did not have the money for such a thing. They did everything they could to provide for us as we grew, but special schools and gizmos and gadgets were out of the question. The one thing we knew through our entire lives is that our parents loved us, and only wanted what was best for our well being.

The End

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