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A psychological story about two loves: one a long-distance romance; the other, an endless admiration of astronomy and the journey taken to reach the heavens; a tale of loss and longing, and the determination one must show in dire times to keep going. An epic that delves deep into the human psyche and what it means to be human. This... is The Void Between.

    I was six years old when I met my first love. It was my birthday, and I remember sitting at the table when Dad came home smelling of sawdust and grime. I had heard the door open, and like a bolt of lightning I flew to meet him. He swept me aloft in his strong carpenter arms, and held me there as he made for the kitchen while I flung question after question into his ear. "Something smells like heaven!" he said before setting me back down in my seat-- my special birthday seat, right at the long end of the rectangular oaken table.

    Though I said it was mine, it was a family tradition that on each birthday that chair was filled only with the one whose birthday was being celebrated. Dad's had been two months ago, but now... Now, it was my turn again. I always looked forward to this day all year long.

    My mother smiled as she carried a pot to the table. "It's just beef stew, Kevin." She set the pot down then went to father, "Welcome home, dear," she said, and then kissed him. My brother and sister and I all giggled, and Dad gave us all a serious, yet playful look. Mom returned to the kitchen and brought back some dinner rolls, which Dad tried to swipe at. However, he always tried this at least once a week. Mom knew it was coming, and swatted his hand away. "Wash up before you contaminate your dinner!" She scolded lightly.

    My dad disappeared for a few minutes to clean up and wash his hands before coming back and flopping tiredly down in the seat to my left. By then, Mom had finished setting the table, and was now tending to my baby sister, Arabella, who, like the rest of us children, were getting impatient and hungry.

    "Kevin," Mom said, "is everything ready for tonight?"

The End

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