The Void

just a little thing I found on my computer, I thought it would be a good test, if people want me to write more, just ask.


The news had hit the papers the day before, now it was the only topic in school worth talking about.



“Did you hear…”


“I heard he was kidnapped…”


“I thought he just ran away.”


“I think it had something to do with the explosion.”


The rumours flew through the school. The story in the paper was about a kid that had vanished, apparently he went out the front door and down the block where half an hour later there was an explosion that had rocked the town, everyone had known this kid, he was the kind of person that pushed everyone away from himself, he had a bad home life, and had been suspended from school six times in a year for fighting.


Most people thought that he blew himself up, but the police couldn’t find anything that proved it.


Only three people cared what happened, Rejio, Sandra, and Tamora.


Rejio was sitting at his desk reading the article in the paper when Tamora came in the room.


“Wow,” She said, “you are the last person that I would have expected to miss lunch, to read something.”


“I know,” Rejio said, “it is quite the shock, isn’t it Tam.”


“So, do you know what happened then.”


“To Gill?” Rejio said, “nope.”


“I know he isn’t dead.” She said.




“He was on the phone with me when he disappeared.”






Sandra walked in at this point.


“I thought you were going to get him, not join him.” Sandra said.


“Get me?” Rejio asked, “we going somewhere?”

“Yea,” Tamora said, “Sandy wants to go look around the place where Gill vanished.”


Rejio stood and put down the paper, “lets go then.”


The three stood and starred at a large burn in the ground, the crater was at least three feet deep and ten feet wide.


"Wow," Rejio said, "that is a mess, I don't think anyone could..." his voice trialled off as he caught the warning look on Tamora's face.


Don't worry this is Gill, he is way to strong and tough to just disappear, and we know he'll be back.” Tamora said.


How do we know?” Sandra asked, “he always said one day he would disappear and we wouldn't see him again.”


Trust me.” Rejio said, “we all know how Gill is, he just probably needed to blow off some steam, he'll be back.”


I hope so.” Sandra said.


There was silence for some time as they all waited, as if their friend was going to just appear out of thin air.


Nobody could have guessed what happened next. A red tear in the air appeared in front of them, it got wider until a person could pass through it, and a figure appeared, walking toward them, and none of them could mistake him.


GILL!” they all yelled at once.


You guys are never going to guess what happened to me.”


What?” they all said, still at the same time.


Come on I'll show you.” Gill said extending his hand.


No one is sure why four kids went missing in three days, nor why so many people recall hearing a deep voice that echoed through the town



The End

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