The HopeMature

You are given a map. The woman says, "You are here."

This is not a geographical map; this is a progress map. A line is drawn at a downward angle from the left top corner to the midbottom of the page, where the line progresses forward parallel to the bottom of the page, than angles upward to the right hand corner. Written near the downward angle are all the horrible things you have felt and forced upon yourself for three years. The things you tried to hide but hoped would be discovered. The things you refused to stop... But wished with all your heart you had the control to stop.

Written on the line parallel to the bottom of the page was written, "Situation becomes critical. A need for help is recognized." This is where the woman pointed... "You are here."

She waited for my reaction... But I could only stare at the ground. "Look where you're going."

On the upward angle were written all the things I had wanted to feel for three years. These were the things I was supposedly going to begin feeling. Could it be true though? Is she just saying that? Will I actually be happy again? "Do you believe me?" I just blankly stared at her. Pain was overcoming any good feelings I was trying to muster.

"You are going to be happy again, a little bit at a time." I believed her.

Satan was not going to win this one. Hear that, Devil? God's stronger than you. And He's on my side. He's giving me strength, Demon. What did you do for me? You landed me here. In this miserable, joyless pit of hopelessness. And you abandoned me there. God threw me a rope while you taunted me from the outside, hurling insults at me I couldn't let go of. God pulled me out. He gave me a headstart, and combated all your lies. Why would I give that up for the living Hell you offer?

I'm on my way to the top right hand corner.

The End

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