The VoicesMature

No one wants to find themselves trapped in lies and deceit... But many don't realize they are until they're too enveloped in it to easily crawl out of the hole they've buried themselves in. But if you can get yourself into, I believe with all my heart that you can get back out.

I don’t need food. Food is bad. Put the food down. Walk away from food. You’re not

I cannot decide which is worse: Real audible voices, or the
ones in the head. The ones not actually spoken… but heard as clearly as if they
were. Words hurt… everyone knows that. But when left to drift on its own in
every which way it pleases, the mind can say anything… The mind can tell the
thinker anything.  The thinker will believe it.

That can become very dangerous very quickly.

You’re not good enough. You are not loved. You are not worthy of love. How can you live with yourself? You can’t. You can’t do anything. You’re stupid. Worthless.
Ugly. Insignificant. Meaningless.

You’re staring out the window. Mascara is running down your
pale cheeks. You’re jealous of the woman walking down the street with her dog.
Look how happy she is. Look at her smiling. You turn to look in the mirror… But
you stop. That’s a bad idea. Wasn’t this day hard enough? And now I’m going to
look in the mirror? But now it’s a challenge. Now you have to look in the
mirror, though you’re scared of it as though it were a spitting cobra. No… No.
This is worse. You’re terrified. You pull yourself in front of the mirror.

Fat thighs. Bulging stomach. Chubby face. Double chin.

What’s actually before that mirror? You’ll
never know. Your judgment has been blinded for too long to see reality or
truth. You see what the voices tell you is there. You see a reflection not of
yourself upon a glassy surface… You see the reflection your mind portrays to
you. You cannot see what is there…

You cannot see what is there.

But is that true?

Are you permanently confined to lies? To a withholding of
reality? Of truth?

Will you never see past this deceitful image?

This is where hope reveals itself.

You’re not good enough? I
am more than a conqueror (Romans 8:37). No one likes you? You are not
loved?  I am chosen and dearly loved (Collossions 3:12).You can’t do
anything? You’re stupid? I am a light in
the world (Matthew 5:14). Worthless? Ugly? Insignificant? Meaningless? I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). I am altogether beautiful (Songs of Solomon 4:7).

And I refuse to drown in illusory insincere thoughts.







The End

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