A voice is introduced, and starts telling multiple stories, directly to the listener and breaking the fourth wall, with the underlying themes a metaphor about the impossibility of communication.

5 stories, dividid by sentence separators (different voice than the voice)

1 Story:

Hitler is talking, and the voice dubs it with different, positive words, words. The quartet at the end of time goes next.

ghandi discourse.


and floundering is sweet in such a sea.



people start calling complaining about the shitty show about hitler and classic music.

It somehow turns into a situation of impossible communication when neither party can understand what the other is mad about.

then the narrator voice enters, and acts as a deus ex machina.


It’s all sound and fury meaning nothing 


2 Story:

Five friends go to sleep speaking the same language. When they wake up, they no longer do.

They try to talk to each other but are unable to understand. First there are misunderstandings, until there is silence for ever.


Why did gregor samsa wake up as an insect?


4 Story:

The whale that calls in a different voice, so no one hears it and she travels alone for like 40 years now.


there is a loneliness in this world so great you can see it in the slow movement of the hands of a clock.


5 story:

A story about a guy who is listening to the radio and the voice is speaking directly to him.


There is nothing more to say. The script is


the host announces: ok guys, that was it, I didn't get most of it, but it doesn't matter anyway, just a bunch of pretentious bullshit. What matters is party at pop today, so see you there and lets have fun!

The End

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