The visitor

One day there is a girl called Alexandra and she had a crush on a lad,  she was in lanzeroteie at the time and she was waiting for a call in the hotel room and she was there with her 2 best friends called becca and selina there where sharing a room together. Selina and becca was waiting for someone to. Suddlenly there was a knock at the door becca went to answer it becca shouted " selina it is for you!" so selina walked over to the door and it was someone who she waiting for , for a very long time Selina shouted " AAHH IT'S HIM" shes slamed the door in his face in so much excitment.

                  2 Hour later 

There was another knock on the door and Selina answered and then she shouted " Becca it's for you " there standing at the door was tom her dream boyfriend becca was in shock he mouth was wide open. Becca said " i am going  out with tom for a meal " i will be back about 11". so becca went to go and get her best outfit on it was a white trouses and a black T-shirt and black dolly shoes and tom put a black suit. Selina was on the sofa with someone and alexandra but alexandra kept well away from tose 2.

The End

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