Creative writing of a vision.

I was in New York. I was walking around trying to figure it out when all of the sudden BOOM! A plane just hit the empire state building. Then another plane slammed into it. People stood there for about two hours watching in horror. Then the giant building started coming down people were running and screaming in fear. The empire state building slammed into the ground and all I could hear is screams of pain and fear. When the smoke, ashes, and dust cleared, all the survivors looked around covered in ashes. Some had a blank stares on there face like could this actually of just happened and others were still running around screaming and crying looking for there beloved.

I woke up panting and sweating, I asked myself questions, could this be a message from God it seemed so real and I am a Christian, why did God choose me, besides I’m only 13 years old nobody would ever listen to some kid they would probably just think I’m crazy, but what if this actually does happen and all those people die. Then I’ll feel guilty for the rest of my life.
I got up and did my normal stuff that I do in the morning. I got in the shower and while I was in there I really thought about my dream or vision whatever it was, it was so clear and real, maybe it will happen, I thought to myself. Ok, when I get to school I’m gonna announce it to everybody I know.
Well I got to school and I was about to gather everybody around but then I thought what if this is just a dream and nobody believes me. Then they’ll think I’m stupid or mental or something like that. I decided not to tell anybody and just keep it to myself and just tell myself it was a dream. When my parents finally got there to pick me up, I told them about my dream and how I thought it was a vision. They told me that it was probably just a dream and you shouldn’t worry about it.
The next day we had a day off from school I was watching T.V with my parents when all of the sudden planes crashing into the empire state building popped up onto the T.V screen I changed the channel and it was on every channel. I was scared to death. I new my dream was a vision. My parents looked at each other then at me, they didn’t say a word.

I realized that I could have tried to save so many people and yet I was to dumb to even mention it to anyone but my parents. I started crying and yelling I was getting angry I got up and ran into my room slamming the door behind me. I was so mad I punched through the window in my room. There was glass stuck into my hand but I didn’t feel it I was to focused about what I could of done. I could of saved all those people that died. I could of saved them all but I was to stupid to not even talk about it.

My parents walked into the room and told me that it wasn’t my fault but I knew it was, they were just sayin it to try to make me feel better.
I went to bed mad I didn’t eat dinner or food for the next 3 days I became really skinny and weak then I prayed to God and asked him to forgive my sins and next time he gives me a vision I will tell all of the people I know and tell them to tell everybody they know.

The End

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