The sun has been attacked numerous times since it's creation when it broke away from a red dwarf star.

Once , the moon bashed it when the sun accidentally scorched it as the moon was orbiting around the sun.

The moon was so badly  burnt that it had to be put down.

To remedy this a brand new moon was created when a space lion told the sun to spit out a chunk of it's body.

The broken off piece of the sun became a brand new moon to replace the one that the sun scorched accidentally.

The old moon that got put down was chucked into a black hole and fried to ashes, which then got sucked into the black hole.

So it shows that the attack on the sun by yobbos in the recent London riots isn't the only thing that has  happened to the sun since it came into existence many billions of years ago.

Many times in the past the sun has had to have operations to make it shine properly.

The End

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