This is about the riots in which yobs attacked the sun by chucking fireworks at it. As a result the sun was put out of action and couldn't shine.


Just recently during the London riots yobs chucked fireworks at the sun, putting it out of action.

This plunged the world into darkness.

The sun's murder by hooligans meant that daylight couldn't exist anymore, so, the plan was to send the sun to hospital where it would have to have an operation to bring it back to life again.

The sun did in the end have an operation to remove deadly fragments that were stopping it from shining and to bring it back to life again.

Had the murdered sun remained in the sky it would have exploded causing huge masses to crash right down to Earth, engulfing the entire population.

Luckily the sun did have an operation so it could shine again. It also reversed it's murder, that is bring it back to what it was before it was murdered.

Whilst the sun was in hospital alternative arrangements were made keep the Earth alive.

Millions of light bulbs were installed in the Universe above the Earth.

The murder of the sun wasn't the only evil act committed by these yobs, they also dismantled a policeman as he tried to arrest him.

They took off his legs, head, arms, plus more, but made use of them after the demolition of the policeman, for the yobs used the policeman's head as a football, kicking it around the town. The hooligans even had a game of football where they used a human head (the policeman's head) as the football, kicking it down the street. They also made use of the copper's legs, using them as weapons to smash windows with, and his chest as a dining room table.

However the policeman got his own back for he re - assembled his own body by himself, picking up his legs, head, chest and arms then putting them back onto his own body.

It's amazing how a dismembered man could put himself back together again by himself, but he did it, for  his body parts had a life of their own, that is, they could function independently of the man's body, this means that if a man's legs are removed they could walk on their own and human heads could even move on their own without the rest of the body.

Even the torso could have a life of its own for it could walk down the street without the rest of the body.

Now it's back to the rioters. They did torch buildings by chucking human heads through the windows after setting fire to them.

When the heads were set alight they let out a scream even though they weren't attached to any human body.

It's show's that human body parts, legs arms, chest and head can function independently and have a life of their own.

It's common to see a pair of legs running down the street on their own because legs can still run even after a man has had them removed.

The End

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