the very very stupid girl

bout one very stupid girl!

One day, a young girl, at the age of five, called Kassey woke up early- just as the golden sun was breaking the darkness of night. she was sooo bored, she felt like talking to her friend, but she lived far away, so she called her friend to get her phone number. (dum no.1) she became thirsty so she went to get a glass of orange juice, she then spent 20 min looking at the carton, because it said concentrate! (dum no.2) bye late morning, she was thinking about why people called her stupid, so, she went to her mums lipstick  case, and put it all over her forhead because she wanted to make up her mind (dum no.3!) then she was walking through the house, and she almost broke her leg tripping over a cordless phone! (dum no.4) she was also due to hav a blood test that day, so Kassey had spent alot of time studiing for it that week! (dum no.5) Kassey soon felt hunry, so she went downstairs to get a packet of m&m's, and  was bored, so she tried to put them in alphabetical order! (dum no.6!) she had to go to the shops to get to the supermarket, and she missed the 44 bus, so she she decided to catch the 22bus twice! (dum no.7) when she was finally at the supermarket, she got locked in and almost starved to death in the supermarket!!! (dum no. 8!) that month, kassey was supposed to fly to meet her mum in canada, so she went to the airport, there was a sign saying "airport left" so, she turned around and went  home!) (dum no.9) she was given a new goldfish as a pet for her birthday, but she didn't like him, so she triend to droen the goldfish!!!! (dum no. 10!) so that night, after a long day of dumbness, she went to bed with a ruler, she wanted to mesure how long she slept!!!!!! DUMB ALERT!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

The End

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