"The trees moved m'lord!"

                                    "The trees moved m'lord!"


    Uproar in the forest of Burnham as the tree's quite literally got up and moved.

    It was the eve of the bloody battle that saw our "immortal" Scottish king - Macbeth - thrown from his crown and murdered in suspiciously mortal conditions, investigation is still underway and will be fully reported at a later date.

    "Aye, aye, I saw the forest m'lord. We both did didn't we?" Said one eye witness motioning to his son, "Aye Dad, the tree's crept away like wee piglets from their pen and then there was a lot of fighting up at the castle, w'unt there Dad?" the man - Robert Scotsman - nodded a solemn nod and removed his cap, "Aye, a lot of fighting. O lord, why did you take our precious trees?!" Rob was a woodcutter until the dreadful battle nigh on a week ago and he began to get a little hysterical as he reminisced about his precious trees; they were of great significance to poor Rob.

    This reporter can only pray that someone brings back the trees to this once prosperous village as many seemed gloomy and distraught by the lack of trees, though some insisted this was due to a great plague, this reporter thinks it's far more than that. Come back trees!

The End

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