Just Married

Congratulations to Miranda and Ferdinand on this joyous occasion, and to the Duke Prospero of Milano and King Alonso of Napoli at the joining of their respective families.

Miranda and Ferdinand were married yesterday in an elaborate ceremony at the Bourbon Royal Palace in the presence of both patriarchs. Their union is one of pure love, though it also marks a symbolic tie between Milano and Napoli.

Both the bride and groom arrived in the city of Napoli only days ago, returned from an uncharted island in the Mediterranean, where Miranda and her father had been living in exile for twelve years. Understandably, Miranda has opted to remain in the Royal Palace in Napoli with her new husband rather than return to her father’s Dukedom of Milano.

In lieu of gifts, the happy couple has asked that donations be made to a trust fund set up for a Mr Caliban, so that he may live comfortably without the care of the Duke Prospero.

The End

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