The Verona Knightly

A newspaper contribution based around an occurrence in any of Shakespeare's works. An homage, if you will. And any kind of contribution is welcome including but not limited to articles, personals, editorials, and advertisements.


The violent outburst this week was enough to make anyone bite their thumb.  Thursday evening in another moment of unendurable boredom for the Capulet and Montague youths, Gregory and Samson engaged in an argument with the Montague boys, including the Prince of Cats himself.  As usual, several citizens were caught in the fray and injured as they cheered the fight on in this now tired feud between the warring families.

Though this be not an editorial, we must ask ourselves Veronians: how much longer will we tolerate this war?  What blood must be shed before one or both of these families are exiled from our fair city?  More importantly, should this continue what will be the implications on the rest of our city’s youth?

When the prince was questioned early this morning with regard to punishments his only response seemed muddled with frustration, "Three civil brawls... again... these enemies to peace!  If they ever disturb our streets again, their lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace!  I mean, can't we all just get along?"  As previously reported, the Prince promised after the second brawl that the next would cost the boys their lives, as he also claimed with the first.

According to the Prince’s office, the participants will be facing detention in the Verona sewers until the Capulet party tomorrow night.  Benvolio, however, was released on eyewitness testimony that he "did but keep the peace," though unsuccessfully.  Proving himself still Verona’s sweetheart, Romeo was blissfully absent once again.

A review of the conflict between the two families over the years is enough to substantiate that the city of Verona agrees with the words uttered at the outset of the brawl, as heard by a bystander.

“Part, fools! Put up your swords! You know not what you do.”

The End

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