As I make my way to the entrance of Solceras, the guards stop me, then make me pay a hefty fee to get in. By my count, I still have at least 400 gold pieces, enough to buy armor. I wander around the city til I find the nearest elf blacksmith in the city square, I asked him about light, but protective armor.

"Well, drake skin would probably be the best for that, but its hard to find nowadays, most of these up and coming adventurers have killed too many drakes to count.

I reply, "Well it seems a bit problematic... Any other suggestions?"

"Maybe mithril... Its a tad bit heavier, but it'll get the job done."

"One last question... I need to learn the human language, quick. How do I do so?"

He stopped to think for a minute, then replied, "Well, you could see one of the mages, have them cast one of their fancy spells."

I thanked him and began to head towards the mages tower. I hope this is free. I'm already poor as it is. Finally, I arrive. Once I got inside, I spoke with one of the elvish mages and he told me to ask one of the alteration mages. Magic confuses me, but I do as he says. Once I spoke with one of the alteration mages, he told me this will only take a minute, and to stay still.... He muttered a couple incantations, then spoke to me.

"Do you understand me?"

"Yes, did the spell work?" I replied.

"You're talking to me aren't you?"

"You have my thanks, human."

Well, I thought as I began to leave the city, Solceras wasn't all that great... Oh well.

The End

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