Found One

I've been on the road for days, and I haven't come across a single city yet. The only things I've found so far are just ruins and small towns. I'm probably reading the map wrong... The elf gave me a brief study of the human language, but its still confusing. Hmm... well maybe if I turn it.... "BANG" something crashed into the back of my head...

 I wake up sliding painfully on the ground, tied to the back of a horse. I hear the brigands talking, but as I said before, I don't know the common language, so I don't know what they are saying. A couple hours or so passed by, and we arrived at a city. From what I gathered, its name was Solceras, it seemed well guarded, and beautiful. The humans stop in front of a merchant, a very.... big man to say the least. I begin to understand that I am being bargained for, as they barter, I understand one word, reward. I understand it because it was spoken in elven tongue. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a bounty on dark elves. Seeing as we raid the human towns often.

I calmly speak to one of the brigands, an elf, in his native tongue. "Excuse me, I have done no wrong to you. I understand that you may hate my kind, but either you release me, or I kill you and your friends, one by one. Understand?"

They laugh and spit at me. That got me pissed. I finally cut the rope I had been working away at and unsheathed my blades. They do the same. One of them comes at me, in a very unbalanced stance, probably drunk off his ass. I easily parry and hit him with the pommel, deciding not to kill them. It might make me seem hostile to the rest of their society. As I'm thinking about this, the biggest of them swings a claymore at me. I duck and cut his heel, not to the point where he couldn't walk, but at least experienced excruciating pain. Taking out him made the rest back off.

"Would anyone else like to give it a go?" I yell in elvish. They run, and I begin to laugh. Well, I found a city, it seems.

The End

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