Death Probably Would Have Been Better

We've been training for weeks, and I want out. Every day I'm stuck in here, repeating what we did the day before, and it's becoming tiresome. Today I'm going to ask if this tortuous, daily grind will ever end. I walk into the training arena, mentally preparing myself for the discussion. 

"Are we ever going to..." Then suddenly the elf weapon master attacks without warning. 


He doesn't reply. I go into combat, thinking of a strategy to defeat him. He's fast, but not very powerful, so i can probably block most of his attacks. I stab out with Ethendil, nicking the elf's stomach. He then unleashes a flurry of lunges and swings, I do the easy thing, I jump right over him. I am a master of acrobatics as well as fighting. As I flip, I hear him say something, but that didn't stop me. I sweep his feet right out from under him, and have my scimitar at his throat when I hear a faint whisper.

"I yield."

I slipped my weapons into their sheathes after that. "Well done, it seems you've learned more than I thought. You are now ready." He said while scratching at his throat.

I reply "FOR WHAT!?!?"

He says "I'm letting you go."

 I say "Finally... and thanks... if not for you I would be dead." With this trial now over, my hate for elves had only diminished by a small amount. Now all I need is equipment, mine is worthless, battle-worn, old. Except for Ethendil, it's enchantments keeping it flawless and razor-sharp at all times. It probably wouldn't hurt to get my scimitar enchanted, seeing as sharpening it every day has become such a chore. But seeing as right now I need armor, mine being damn near broken, I need to get some. Now, where am I going to find armor on the surface, Mithril would probably be best, if not expensive...

The End

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