Finding a Friend...Or not

I'm going to have to find a bit of help. But who would help a drow? To the surface, my race is seen as evil cutthroats and murderers(most of us are). But seeing as I'm going to die if I dont find help, I'll look. Hmm.. the best place to look would be a heavily populated city, I'd vanish in the crowd. I'll need to find someone to give directions. I black out from lack of water and wake up a few hours later. I wake up in a cathedral. As if this isn't strange enough in itself, one side is bathed in holy light. While the other has many brooding evil beings. I let out a little manic laugh. "Im probably dead, and this is heaven and hell."I said

"Not quite." says a man, no, a wood elf, our disgusting surface brethren"This is where you choose... follow your dark path of vengeance, or aid others in the war against your race."He explained.

I reply,"Why should I? And what war are you talking about, nothing was mentioned in the Underdark."    

"This war has been going on for years now, you mean to tell me that you didn't know?"  

"Some things are kept from the nobles and commoners, I suppose they really only needed for our armies to know."I replied.

"Your fighting skills are poor, have you ever had any training?"    

"Sure I have, me and my father trained for years." I drew Ethendil, my enchanted dagger, flourished it around a bit, and attacked him. He easily parried and knocked me down.

"Apparently not enough, cutting down on the theatrics might help too, it just gives the enemy another opening." The elf then motioned for the rest to leave, as if to not hurt my pride.  

"If you wish, we will train you." The elf says, motioning for his brethren to leave.

"Only because it helps me, Elf." The word shouted with disgust. The start of my revenge was coming to a beautiful beginning...

The End

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