Down. But Not Out.

I reappear behind a skeleton and bash it with the pommel of my blade before disappearing again. It's a trick that I learned back in the Underdark from one of my instructors, an advanced technique called Shadowstepping. You take a little bit of teleportation magic, mix it with the shadows and the darkness drow can create, and you have a wonderful new way to stab people in the back. I look around, reveling in the thrill of battle. All of a sudden I feel a deep chill, like back in the tavern. Only this time... worse. I look over to Elliwyn, who is having a much harder time with this. Then it hits me, she's a druid, connected with all life around her. She literally feels the death in the air. In the ground. All around her. I shadowstep from enemy to enemy, hacking and slashing my way to her crumpled body. Then one of the undead has the gall to touch her. I fill with rage, uncontrollable, full-blooded rage.

"YOU STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM HER!" I cry out as I reach her, sending each specter, ghost, skeleton, and zombie back to their graves on the way.

-Not finished as of yet.

The End

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