The Undead Horde

I wake with my wounds being tended to by Elliwyn, she's using Druid regenerative magic on me. "So how was sleeping in...? You look refreshed." I say, looking at her with a playful smile.

"As well as you could imagine. Waking up surrounded by the dead tends to end the serenity quite quickly though." She looks at my wounds, and looks back to me, "I've stopped the bleeding, but some of the wounds were very deep. You need to rest."

"Not gonna happen, this might be my chance to prove myself a hero in the eyes of humans. Nor can I let innocent lives be taken. I saw so much death and destruction in the Underdark, and it was all so senseless. I've got to help end that. I'll be okay I promise." I argue, as I reach up and embrace her. "Now, we need to get out there, how is Bromir doing?"

"He has the resilience of a dwarf. He's fighting outside right now, even with his injured leg."

"Okay, lets go give him a hand."

With my wounds still fresh, I can't be doing all that leaping around.... I look around on the street, and eventually my eyes come to rest on a weapons stand. I find a crossbow, and sling the bolts onto my belt. I haven't used one of these in ages. I hear Bromir let out a yelp, turning to face him. There's a zombie just inches away from his neck, so I string a bolt up, aim down the sights, and fire. I nail the abomination in the jaw... I was aiming right between the eyes. I'll have to remember it fires a little high.

"Ye nearly shot me ye damned drow!" Bromir wheezes out.

"A shave or two off that beard might do you some good, whether it be a barber, or my arrows." I joke with a grin.

"Never touch the beard... Or there will be hell to pay." Bromir says with a grim look on his face.

"Sorry, I didn't know it was a sore topic." I mumble.

"It's fine lad."

"Let's get to it then."

I smile and add another bolt into the bow. Bromir finds a battleaxe from one of the nearby stores. Elliwyn? She has her spells. I look toward the docks and see the undead masses rising from the water. Pirates, naval officers, merchants. All lost at sea, and now risen and angry.

"CHARGE!" I scream as I throw down the crossbow and pull out my blades. Ha. As if I'm going to sit back and shoot while they have all the fun. I've got a couple tricks up my sleeve, I'll be fine. I smirk as I disappear in a cloud of darkness.

The End

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