One Hell of a Hangover

God... My head hurts. I silently curse myself for challenging the dwarf to a drinking contest. I should have known I was going to lose. As I drag myself out of bed, I feel a presence... and it chills my bones to the very core. I race down the hall to Elliwyn's room, but as I'm about to enter I hear a scream.
"ELLIWYN! GET UP! I NEED YOUR HELP!" I yell as I race down the stairs. Bromir is passed out on one of the tables, thinking quickly I grab a cup of cold water and dump it over his head.

"The hell is the matter with you elf!" He shouts in anger.

"Bromir get up! Something's coming,I can-" I'm cut short as a skeletal abomination bursts through the door, followed by several more undead creatures. I reach for my weapons and grasp nothing but air. Damn! I must have left them in my room! I scan the room looking for something to use. Suddenly I hear Duncan's voice...

"Ereldas! Take this!" He yells as he throws me a morning star. Not my weapon of choice but it'll have to do.

"Bromir, do you think you can hold the big one for a minute while I take care of his friends?" I ask the dwarf as I ready my weapon.

"Aye, it'll be my pleasure." He smiles, a fire in his eye, he's been waiting for something like this.

I dart between tables, and step onto the last before jumping over the first undead creature, which seems to be a zombie. As I fall I slam my weapon down into its head, crushing its skull, and therefore its brains. It gives out a weak cry of pain as it falls.

This must be the presence that Elliwyn and I felt. But it has to be more than this... A couple of skeletons wouldn't give off this strong an aura. No, there have to be more. I tumble around the tables and look out the window. As I look, my body is filled with dread, undead are ravaging the city, killing women, children, anything living that they can get their cold, unfeeling hands on. Right as I'm turning around I hear Bromir give a pained grunt. I look over to him to see several bone shards from the creature wedged into his left leg.

"Hold on Bromir, I'm coming!" I shout with rage at the creature I'm about to face. I dash towards the creature, jumping onto a table, then onto its back. I smash my weapon into it's head as I hold on for dear life, and as I do, I feel a warm, wet feeling in my side. I look down quickly to assess whats wrong. The abomination had made spikes come out of its spine... And into my waist. I smash the creatures head several more times with my morning star, and as it crashes to the ground, the spike wedges itself into my side... I wince as I slowly start to lose consciousness...

The End

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