Drunken Escapades are Fun!

"Br...Bromir... I'm gonna win this." I slurred out with a hiccup

"Ha. Ye damn elf, you can't take half the ale I can," The dwarf chuckled, "You're barely standing as it is, all wobbly and the sort."

"Sh-shut up. Maybe you're the one that's dizzy and I'm sober. Yeah... That's it."

As I continued to argue with the dwarf, Elliwyn came down the stairs. It had been a few hours since Bromir and I began.

"I see you and the dwarf are having fun," she said smiling, "Whats his name by the way?"

"Ish Bromir," I mumbled out before falling over. As I got back on my feet Elliwyn started to speak again.

"Something didn't feel right this morning, something in the air... But I'll tell you more about it once you sober up a bit Ereldas."

"Hehe, I gave the boy one of the lightest drinks in the pub and he still can't drink too much." The dwarf laughed out.

"Well we don't have the stout constitution that you dwarves have, we're better at things like... oh say, getting out of vines?" Said Elliwyn as she smiled at the dwarf.

"Shut up... ye damn elf..." Bromir said with a frown

I chose to speak up at this point, however intoxicated I might be, "Bromir... I wanted to (hic) ask you about joining me and Elliwyn, cause we're fightin evil and... whats it called..? Darkness thats right, in Faerun... There'll be a lot of fights, and plenty of mead. You in?"

"Boy, aside from how drunk you seem... That don't seem like half a bad idea. I think I will."

I smiled as I crashed to the ground and passed out.

The End

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