Details, oh Details.

"So I'm going to take a wild guess here. You're a wood elf?" I asked as the bar stool creaked under me.

"Of course, it's what got me so close to nature in the first place. If I'd been born differently I don't think I'd have become a druid." As she paused, we both took a drink from the flagons that Duncan had so graciously offered me for clearing up the spat outside. Human ale isn't that strong, at least not to me. I like the dwarve's mead... Knocks you flat on your ass. Kicks like a donkey and taste's like heaven.

I was curious so I decided to ask, "How long have you been a druid?"

She had to think a for a second but the thought came to her, "Ever since I was a little girl. When I was young, a druid came upon me, and saw how much I cared for the land. I had always tended the ground, helped the animals, I felt so much love towards the earth. So he asked me if I wanted to be one of its protectors... Of course I jumped at the chance, and so he began to train me. We trained for years and years, but... a... a darkness crept over the creatures. They attacked us and my teacher died saving me. I've been searching all over Faerun for whatever caused it for most of my life.

I felt sympathy... so I decided to try and console her "I... I'm sorry. I've seen no such darkness since I've been on the surface. But if it's anything like the evil in the Underdark... It needs to be stopped."

"Don't be sorry, its in the past. But you are right, it does need to be stopped. Could you help? We've only just met, but I feel... connected in a sense."

My dark cheeks started to turn scarlet, so I wheeled myself around. She feels connected...? I... I should help her. It might be a chance to get closer to her. "Of course I'll help, I'm not going to be able to complete my objective for a while. Might as well help around Faerun while I'm here."

She smiled and thanked me. I smiled back and took a drink from my flagon. This drink may not be the best. But it tastes a lot better drinking it with her.

"By the way, I never caught your name."

"It's Elliwyn."

The End

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