The Sorcerer...?

               I walked down to the main part of the tavern, having slept well. I ask Duncan, "Has the fighting stopped?"

              He said,"Mostly, although theres bound to be another druken idiot inclined to come in here and start a brawl." He then told me,"I need you to check something out for me, a magic usin' fellow and a dwarf went outside for a fight, can you make sure they dont burn down the tavern with their spells?"

"Sure Duncan, no problem, you've been the only person so far in Neverwinter that hasn't sent me away because of my race."I replied

"Well, not all of you are bad, I heard of a fellow named Drizzt down by Mithral Hall, you should pay him a visit."He told me.

"I just might." I replied. I then left to go deal with the fight outside. I stepped out into the sun, and saw the two fighting. The dwarf was spewing curses at the Elf sorceress. Then she made vines come up and entangle the dwarf, thats not a mage spell...

The End

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