The Drunken Flagon

I walk into the Drunken Flagon, expecting a subtle environment. However, I do not find that... Instead I find a raucous bar brawl and I've suddenly become a part of it. A dwarf with a rather long beard throws his mug at me, I dodge it and throw a nearby mug back, hitting him squarely in the groin. The dwarf doubled over in pain, screaming for his mother. I then proceeded to make my way to the barkeeper, dodging mugs, only to be blindsided by a oversized human.

I send a couple of quick jabs into his solar plexus, then while the wind was knocked out of him, I kicked him onto the table next to me. He tries to come at me again, but with him being disoriented I just trip him. I ask the barkeeper what his name is, and if I could have a room.

He said "Duncan. Take one of the rooms up the stairs, and be quick about it, this fights getting out of hand. Thanks for your help with some of those idiots too."

I thanked him and went to my room, I'm loving this city... so much excitement.

The End

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