Neverwinter, The Jewel of The North

Neverwinter... I've heard of it, tales of a deadly plague and a hero from the old academy... He collected all of the materials necessary to create a cure for the Wailing Death, only to have it stolen by a man named Desther, a cultist masquerading as a Helmite. He later went on to Luskan, and found the words of power, then continued on his journey to defeat the old ones. Nobody knows where he's at now. Now I make my way to that city, to find companions, people I can trust not to stab me in the back at the last minute.

Hopefully, I can find one or two friendly folk here, seeing as if I heard correctly, they don't have the most friendly attitude towards drow. Ever since the attack on Waterdeep, the surfacers have upped their security. After I read over the map a little I decided to make my way to the Sunken Flagon. Not the most respectable tavern, but somewhere I can lay low, and not be noticed. Who knows, maybe I'll even find a friend or two. Its not as if everyone is a drunken thug who wants to start a fight.


The End

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