A Druid?!?

Right as I'm about to run this cutthroat through, he becomes entangled in vines. What? I think. I quickly survey my surroundings, finding a female elf on the ridge near the shop. As she approached the shop I shouted "I had this handled milady, I did not require your assistance."

She gave me a smirk and continued on to the shop, all the while holding the thug in place. "Its been quite a while since I've seen a druid, not much wildlife in the Underdark to interact with..." I said.

"And its been a while since I've seen a drow, most of you tend to stay down there." She replied, quick as a whip.

I gave her a smile and said "Quick to the draw, I see." After we finished our little snippet of witty banter, we proceeded to turn in the criminal and return the shopkeeper his goods. I asked her if she would join me on my journey, but she told me she'd think about it, and that we would meet at another time. As she left, I mounted my horse, and left the shop grounds.

I don't have much taste for elves... but now when I look in my memories and see her, her golden blonde hair, her mesmerizing face, and the oddest thing, her eyes, they were purple, as are mine. It filled me with something I can't describe, not the infatuation I had with drow women, but something more, I felt towards this elf. But now is not the time for such thoughts. I must be off, the next city is bound to have heroes for hire, or something at the very least...


The End

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