Its Gonna Be One Very Long Day

I purchased a black stallion at the stables, thinking to myself how beautiful of a beast it was. Well, now I won't feel as alone, I thought. I hopped on the horse, stroking its majestic mane as I did. A good breed, healthy and young. For such a rickety, old, piece of junk shop, I'm quite surprised I found such a good horse. I realize finally time to to head out. I'll head for the Jewel of The North, Neverwinter.

As I left, I saw a small cat following me, thinking it was probably nothing, I continued on. I set out on the long journey to Neverwinter. As I was traveling the road, I met some traders, also traveling. I decided to stock up on food and medical supplies, seeing as I was low on my own supplies. And as fate would have it, some brigand decides to put a knife to my back. I pull out Elendil and smile, thinking, this is going to be fun. I do a combat roll out of his reach right as he pulls back to stab, then I go in for the kill.

Just as I'm about to gut him, he becomes completely entangled with vines. What in the Nine Hells, I think.

The End

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