The Vengeful Drow

Set in the Forgotten Realms, the same world that R.A Salvatore (the author of Drizzt's books) writes in, this piece is about a young, reckless Drow, who's family was murdered by the other houses of his city. He sets out for revenge, but instead finds a darkness threatening all of Faerun. This is his story. And his redemption.

The Sword. It's my way of life, without it i wouldn't get very far. Thats something thats definetely going to help me

                                                             -Ereldas Deseth


          Today is the day I have my vengeance against my foul race. They are fooling everyone there with their false history and deities. I learned of their deceit and so they killed my family, and put a bounty on me, theres already been one attempt at my assasination. They failed, and are going to pay dearly for it, in blood. First I'm going after the group who killed my family, then I'm going to destroy the house that they serve. Then I will go for the person who ordered it. The path of blood is the one I must follow. All I have is my traveling cloak, my scimitar, and my dagger. But before I set out on my path of destruction, I will need allies...

The End

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