The Mood Darkens

I look in awe at the beautiful horse and the armored knights riding them but it’s nothing compared to the Kings golden chariot. The reflection of the gold in the sun light as it passed by was an unforgettable moment and the only thing I could think was.

“I am so lucky, not many people get the pleasure of seeing a King.”

While indulging in this grand event the mood suddenly darkens as men in the crowd on both sides of the road draw their swords and run toward the knights and the golden chariot they guard. “AMBUSH !” The soldier cry as they struggle to dismount the horse and draw their weapons in defense. The swords clashing and the sounds of battle prompt me to find a place of shelter. Peeking out from behind the wooden fruit stand my eye spot a fallen royal knight with sword still gripped in his blood hand.

‘I have to stop this! They are ruining they peace between the two kingdoms.’

I say to myself and for the sake of peace, I crawl slowly to the dead knight to retrieve his blade. I stand nervous and shaking at the edge of the battle, but for the good of peace I swing the sword. Its sharpened blade slices through the body of a traitor sending him into a puddle of his own blood. The enemys noticed me and now knows I am in the battle. A bandit rushes me swinging his blade, Instinctively I raise my sword to stop him from striking me as a royal night comes to my aide and strikes the filthy traitor down. Heart racing I glance around noticing the Kings chariot, Two traitors of peace try to enter the golden chariot to assassinate him.

‘That will bring war for sure!’

My blade ready I charge swing my mighty sword. My heart sinks when I realize I have missed my target. Now their range is directed at me, I am sure that my death is imminent with both blades coming down on me. I raise my sword in defense . Struck with awe that a simple beggar has just foiled their attack and, they stand motionless. With all my strength I kick them backward while running my blade through the body of the other . I focus on the grounded bandit , Forcing my sword through his dark heart. Looking in his dying eyes, I ask

“I’m starting to get the hang of this, don’t you think?”

I leave him to die and return to help the knights.

The End

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