The Vengeance of Emma Barker

Frost still clings to the branches of the leafless trees as I make my way through the busy crowd all wrapped in their furs. The sun shines but offers little worth as I shiver going through trash hoping to find a bite of food. Thankful that I have found a handful of grain and scraps of meat, I make my way to the old tree just a few feet away from the cobble stone street. Eating what I had found my mind wonders to the thought that I will be sleeping out side again tonight, but a blast of a trumpet breaks my concentration. I look up to see every one gathering to the sides of the road so I do as well. Gazing down the street I see a parade of white horses trotting toward me. The rides of the steeds are covered in purple garments. As they continue their march, the flags they are holding come into my sight, and I recognize the crest that the waving flags bear to be that of the neighboring kingdom. During pause of the trumpets bleats a Herald yells


I look in awe at the beautiful horse and the armored knights riding them but it’s nothing compared to the Kings golden chariot. The reflection of the gold in the sun light as it passed by was an unforgettable moment and the only thing I could think was.

“I am so lucky, not many people get the pleasure of seeing a King.”

The End

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