The Velvet PrincessMature

It is July 17th 1740 and I am Princess Miranda of York and I live in Castle Magenta at the foothills of Avalon with my father King Albert is King of England, I am due to Prince Louis of France in two months and there is something inside of me that knows that this all wrong. I find myself with an inner desire that cannot be quenched and i have begun an romance with a less than favourable gentleman by the name of Captain Love of the 7th Royal Guard, a loyal 1st Guard to my father who would be banished if we were ever to be seen as anything more than dancing partners at court.

I have to hide the letters that Captain James Love sends to me as i am afraid that my father will not understand and he has been confined to his quarters since my mother Eugene died two weeks ago. My mother always said that the man that my father chose for me to marry would be all wrong for me and that his only concern was the continuation of his blood line in Royal history.

He has not coped very well with my mothers passing and when he discovered the unborn son in her womb the emotion was too much for him to bear and i am the reminder of his failings.

I knew that i could not go through with this marriage and my desire for Captain Love would forbid me from being the wife that my father would expect me to be.

 He ordered me to his quarters and when i walked in the door i froze, in his hand he was holding my locked velvet box where i kept the letters and favours from Captain Love and he did not look pleased.

"Where is the Key" he said i could not believe that he has found it, I removed the key from around my neck and gave it to him and he put them both down on the desk by his bed. " I think there is something that you have to tell me" he said,  I had not spoken to him except at court in two years and all of a sudden i am being spoken to like an old friend. I dont think that he knows about me and Captain Love but i could not take that chance. " I do not know what u mean father I have nothing to tell you and I am confused as to the question you asking me" i said, i could tell by my fathers facial expression that he did not believe me.

" I knew that this would happen, i allowed you into court and i convinced myself that you were old enough to behave in a manner that would not discrace your royal name, your mother was never strict enought with you and now you have forced my hand, Captain Love is no longer welcome at court and you are forbidden from leaving castle grounds without the company of Luther , your personal guard, i will not have you ruin the plans for your intended marriage to Prince Louis and you have brought enough embarrassment to me for one day now leave my sight."

 I could not believe my ears he had not seen any proof of my disgrace and had now confined me to the grounds of the castle. "Father you do not understand, mother warned me that you would not heed my calls for repreieve and that i am not the person that you should be punishing because she could not give you the son you so eagerly wanted" i knew i had said to much. "You will do what i command, i know that i have not been there for you since your mother died but i refuse to let you drag your royal gowns through the dirt by allowing yourself to be romanced by Captain Love, as good a servant he may be that is exactly what he is a servant and you will honour me by marrying your intended now not another word" with these words i left and ran to my room unwilling to accept  my fate when my true love had been banished to avalon, the mountain top fortress where dishonoured servants to the crown must live out their days forbidden to return to Magenta forever.

The End

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