How danial meets Iriyome.

The flyer said to go to the old church at four o'clock. I rolled up in my V12 vanquish. Many people stared at me stupidly. I did my best to ignore them. I got my guitar out of the boot and carried it through the door.
   The band tryouts were already being held. As the lead singer escourted me to a pew, I noticed a rather horrible guitar audition was going on. The spectators where cringing at the sound comming from him.
   I sat in a pew with five other people. Four boys and one girl. The boys were avarage looking. The girl however. The girl was one of the most beutiful I'd ever seen. It made my mouth fall open just to see her. Raven-black hair, liquid green eyes and deathly pale skin defined her facial features. I couldn't look anywhere else because of her mezmerizing face.
 "Danial Darthmas." The keyboard player read out from a clip board on his lap. The members sat in metal chairs near the alter, waiting for me.
   Wordlessly, I rose and took my spot at the front. The band members looked awfully bored. I guessed that they could use one of my best songs as a starter and if they wern't too awed then an encore of my greatest compasition.
   I plugged my amplifier in and set the dials to the correct ammounts. I turned to face the small audiance gathered. My nerves where playing wildly with my my mind. I could swear I saw the beutiful girl smiling encouragingly at me encouragingly. I steadied myself  and started to play.
   Once I'd reached the bridge of the song, I'd settled down bcause of the awed silence that eminated from the crowd. Apparently, no one wanted to talk while I was playing, the concentation must have been apparent on my face; it had to be because I thought I wasn't that good overall.
   Everyone clapped and cheered once I'd finished the outro, the beutiful girl along with her whole pew rose in standing ovation. I was more proud of myself in that performance than in my whole life.
 "So am I in the band?" I asked in an almost flat voice.
 "Hell yeah!" One of them yelled, grabbing me in a head-lock and ruffling my hair. 
   Others were patting me on the back and shouting congratulations at me. But through the crowed I noticed the girl leaving.
   I forced my way through the throng and caught har wrist just in time. I nodded so we could talk outside.
 "Why are you leaving?" I asked as soon as we got out the door.
 "Is there any other point in staying?" She asked. "After that performance who'd want to hear me sing?" She looked dissapointed and dejected. People started leaving now that oversoul had it's new guitarist. They were still missing their vocalist but they'd find one in school. Iriyome started to leave again but I stopped her. I flashed my eyes in the direction of the door. She smiled.
   We ran inside where the band was packing up.    

The End

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