Betrayed By Blood

What God did not foresee was the true power of rage and its effects.  While He was a being of light and capable of endless amounts of love, His one downfall might have been that He was unaccustomed to pure, unadulterated evil.  And so it was that when he laid Rudelious' body to rest, He spoke directly to the grave in a quiet voice, "There will always be a place for you at my side in Heaven, Rudelious.  I will see you soon."

What God would have been surprised to learn was was that Rudelious was not bound for Heaven to be by his King's side, for in the instant of his death he fully comprehended what Aldous had done to him, that his own brother had murdered him out of petty little emotions such as jealousy and spite.  Not only did Aldous bash in Rudelious' head, more importantly he broke his heart.  Rudelious had loved his brother more than anything else in life, almost as much as he loved God Himself, and it was inconceivable to him that Aldous could do something like that.

As he toppled to the ground and the light faded away, the hurt  inside his chest became tangible, the grief of a betrayal of kin -- of one's own blood -- turned his dying heart into a twisted, molten organ which no longer pumped blood, but spewed vitriol and hate into his bloodstream.  Fury welled up inside him as he took his last breath, righteous and hot, and he was dead in just a few more moments.  But more importantly, his soul was dead, as well.  Hatred in its purest form pumped through his veins without the use of a beating heart, and Rudelious instantly drifted away from all of God's teachings and from the love.  All of that was replaced by one simple motivation.


He wanted nothing but to enact revenge against his brother, a feeling so singular, so encompassing, that it cheated death.  Rudelious burst through the loosely packed dirt of his grave like a demon from hell and crawled to his feet in the night air.  He didn't know where that bastard Aldous had fled but he vowed that he would roam the earth for several eternities  until he found and killed him.

The End

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