Chapter 1-4

At a quarter past four, the hot weather in the afternoon had mostly passed with the cooling winds of the evening gently blowing through the city of CIT. As the residents wrapped up their work in preparation for the end of another work day, a rowdy group of CIT students makes their way to the nearby supermarket, with plans on picking up items for a party they had planned later that day.

In CIT, students were often classified to be in two main categories when it came to admissions. The first was being academically inclined in terms of results. The second, was a little less orthodox but more socially conventional. From time to time, the wealthy and powerful would have an offspring or two that were a little less than average. This meant that these children were more trouble than they were worth.

CIT, despite its international renown, often found itself in need of financial and political backing due to various attempts by organisations seeking their downfall for their own ends or the occasional rogue student in which significant media coverage was required to keep under wraps.

As a result, CIT came up with special courses specifically for this group, promising them the minimum standard of educational qualification should they complete their respective course. Of course, even more extreme means are employed if their sponsors wanted specific outcomes for their teenage mishaps.

The lesser known administration of CIT aside, the group in question wasn’t particularly less than average but simply more interested in merry making. However, due to their families’ social and or political standing, it was decided that a CIT’s special course would still be the best to reduce unnecessary attention while providing them superior education.

As they approached Star Mart, one of the few supermarkets located close to the campus dormitories, an unusual group of people in black suits was standing around the entrance, examining the surroundings and taking notes on their mobile tablets, with the intention that appears to be that of surveying the site.

“Jimmy, look. Men In Black.”

“Isn’t that a female in black?”

“Figuratively, fool. Now let’s go pick up our stuff before they seal off the area.”

“You think it’s so easy going around sealin’ **** up in this town?”

“Jackson. Just messin’ with ya, man. Are we buying the grub or not.”

“Yeah, yeah. Just don’t like dis people messin’ round our block, that’s all.”

Having said that, the group went in to buy the party essentials they had in mind and half an hour later, they were done. As they left, the black suits were still busy with whatever they were doing.

Jackson, who is greatly perturbed by their presence now, bumped into a few of them with his plastic carrier as they left. As he knocked against the last black suit, he passed a comment aloud.

“You ain’t done taking names and drawing pixies?”

“Sir, do not hinder our work.” replied the black suit that Jackson had just bumped into.

“Hinder? You been at it for an hour and you ain’t done?!” exclaimed Jackson.

“Jackson, chill man. Messin’ with the blacks ain’t cool.” said Jimmy while gripping onto Jackson.

“Thank you, Sir. Please restrain your friend before we escort him from the area.”

“Mess with these blacks? I’m one and I ain’t taking no **** from these fancy upstarts.”

“Jackson. Let it go. Come on. These beers need their fridge.”

Glaring at the people in black suits once more, Jackson finally let up to his friends’ persuasion and left after spitting in disgust. As they left, another black suit approached the one who had talked to them.

“Kids these days. A single bullet would have done the trick nicely, don’t you think?”

“It’s all right. They won’t be around for much longer anyway.”

After a slow fifteen minutes walk from the library to the Student College Centre, Alex was in the middle of collecting his custom ordered purchases that had arrived earlier that morning.

“I got to say, lad. I have been here for years and this is the first time the delivery boy comes in a pair wears grey suits with one asking for my signature and the other passing me a cardboard weighing a few tons over the counter. I swear if I had not gotten him to place it on my trolley instead, you be picking it up from the storage room yourself.”

“My bad, pops. I must have written the store’s address by mistake.”

“Mistake my shiny noggin. You telling me the top CIT student cannot remember his own dorm address? I think I might have a good shot at that degree then, lad.”

“You’re right. I cannot get a white lie through you now, huh.”

“Well, I normally charge a pretty penny for receiving bulky, over weight items but I will just be charging you the standard fee today.”

“Didn’t we agree to waive this one? I’m already all out of them fives.”

“Whatever agreement we had is gone with that box. Now if you have no fives, hand over some ones or a ten.”

Reluctantly, Alex reached for his wallet to pay for Dan’s goods holding fees. Dan is the shopkeeper of the convenience store located within the Student Centre. Having worked here for more than half his life, he was adept with life there and knew that students there would from time to time have delivery to them that were not too appropriate to have delivered directly to them. These deilveries would be sent to him instead and kept there till they were collected for a small fee.

“So Alex, are you not going to check through what you got? If it’s a little too kinky to check out here, I could lend you the backroom for a couple of minutes. As a form of service, of course.”

“No will do, pops. Besides, I cannot do a thing about it here even if there are problems.”

“Suit yourself, Alex. But I will tell ya, don’t hang around too much with the weird toys and pick a side already. Them professors have been tipping well for me to get you to join the Force.”

“The cookies and milk are on the Dark Side, Danny. Treat you to a cuppa next time!”

Passing Dan two fives, Alex picked up the cardboard box by the sides and turned to leave.

“Dark Side, huh. I had better get that Starblog’s Frappo treat of yours, Alex.” mumbled Dan.

As Alex made his way to the shop’s entrance, a kid around six years old made their way into the shop. With the bulky box hindering his view, Alex did not notice the kid till he bumped into them. Or at least that was what a normal person would have done.

Just as he came into contact with the kid, Alex instantly reacted by withdrawing his leg and taking a step back before turning to his side to take a look at who or what he had almost knocked over.

The kid, appearing to be a little seven years old boy, looked Alex in the eyes; as if impressed rather than with a look of shock.

“Hey, little man. Couldn’t see you there. Are you all right?” Alex quickly asked.

“I’m fine, Mister.” the kid calmly replied.

“Fine is good. Didn’t scare you now, did I?”

“Say Mister. With your reflexes, are you one of those Super Competent people?” the kid queried.

“Interesting. And yes, I am. You are a rather sharp one yourself, aren’t you?” replied Alex, who was slightly taken back at the fact that the kid he had nearly bumped into was calmly speaking to him now about his reaction which most people would not even notice.

“Not as much as you, Mister.”

“Well then, kiddo, are you lost?”

“My name is Sal. What’s yours?” asked Sal, ignoring Alex’s question.

“Alex.” replied Alex, after a short pause as he did not expect an introduction instead.

“I’m on a tour and have to go now. Bye bye, Mister Alex.”

With that, Sal turned around and left. Alex stood there, watching Sal till he made his way through the rotating doors, leaving the Student Centre. Alex snickers to himself, thinking about the unique encounter he just had, before making back to his dormitory to check on his newly arrived goods.

The End

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