Set in 2020, where "Super Competent" are groups of exceptionally skilled people in various highly valued area of expertise in society had appeared, this story focuses on the appearance of "The Variant"; a former vigilante and practical ideologist. A disaster about to strike the city of CIT and it seems that no one but the mysterious organisation behind it is aware. it is up to the Super Competent within the city to find out what is going on and resolve the impending apocalypse before it gets out of control and extreme measures are taken.


Curious thing we have defined in the world we live in today. The word itself backdates till a time long before; though our species have been in existence longer than before language itself that we created.

Our kind till date, has been proven to be the only self aware living beings in the universe we know, at least to ourselves.

Our limits, seemingly restricted to our physical beings, and more recently widened to our mental capacities, has always been confined to a certain degree; that varying by the individual.

Many a thing we humans have made, be it physical or psychologically. From something edible that prevents starvation to faith, which allows us to emotionally relate to logic, that we can believe in an event unfolding in a way we determined.

I have always been…dyingly curious, to live the duration of my life, in order to find out as much as I can; as much as I will.

Even in the face of death, I still seek to live longer just to see more of this world we live in. Limits that people reach; limits that we overcome.

Ironic, contradictory; unbelievable, improbable, and truthfully, indescribable.

My will, though complicated, is as simple as “Living to die; after being what I be.”

Society, religion, politics, achievements, mankind, and everything is but a stepping stone for my path to what I seek. A stepping stone that can make one slip at any moment, falling into the abyss with no direction till you find one.

A fall that could be a climb to a place never reached before; a step up leading down to beneath where you started from.

But that all, has never been in the view of the humans we claim to be genius. Like in the view of the insane. Like perhaps, in me.

And so I will go through it all. This life a human lives; this life that every human loses eventually.

I will see to it; being like no other, and yet like everyone else.

To break that limit. The limit. As many times as I can. While I’m human. As long as it remains.

The End

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