The Vanished

One minute by your side, the next, gone forever...

The Vanished, as they were called, trapped english souls that walk along the crumbling sidewalks of Portobello Road.  They were not dead, not alive, simply stuck in a disconnected dimension from humans. Untraceable and irretrievable.

Technically, they were all human once, before being taken into the Internal Ether of Indecision, to stay on Earth, to watch but never to be seen by the living. Left behind, these beings were, in the shuffle of the bustling crowds. Those who stopped to tie their shoe, who couldn't find their parents, just disappeared.

They were noted for their disheveled nature and unsettlingly pale skin. They became masters of the street, living in the shadows of discarded memories. Their senses were immune to the human awareness of the sweat and grime, sun and rain, claustrophobia and delirium. Decades of years ago there were close to sixty, an age in time forgotten through the pages of history. There were probably only around thirteen of them left by the year 2010. This is their story.

The End

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