Time for a Reunion

After initial shock, a mixture of feelings flooded into me. Anger, frustration, joy, curiosity.

"They answered?" Yohan asked, loudly, walking up and putting his hands on the desk. "Well, freaking type something back!"

My hands spun into action. Talk about what? I typed in. This is Yohan and Weismann, here,  I added. Slammed on the Enter button.

An almost instantaneous reply. As you probably already know, this isn't working. The statement was vague but oddly satisfying.

"Heck yeah, it isn't," Yohan said. "Ask him what he wants."

"Like what?"

"Let's me type," Yohan said brusquely, sliding the keyboard towards him. He typed: Stop playing your games and get to the effing point.

"Couldn't say it more bluntly," I noted.

There was a longer pause. I could picture Dr. Bates raising an eyebrow quizzically before moving to type. Then the reply: Alright. We need to tell you about the true purpose of the Vandernon experiment. Pause. Let's call your friends.

A siren went off, echoing through all the halls, every room, every corridor. Yohan and I looked at each other. We both knew what this meant.

It was time for a grand reunion.


The other two men came around to introducing themselves as we walked towards a dark green Hummer.  "Eddie Kiltch," the suit guy said. "Bodyguard. Escort. Same difference."

"That's guessable," I said. "You being a bodyguard," I clarified.

"That's what I said!" the leather jacket guy interjected loudly. "Kiltch just needs dark glasses and presto, he's complete."

"What's your name?" Lisa asked him.

"Henry Henderson. I'm from DARPA."

Inwardly I sighed. For a moment I had thought he was one of the drafted. It would be nice to have a humorous guy on the team.

"What's DARPA?" Lisa wondered.

"Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency," Henderson said. "We funded the development of the Vandernon. Ever though it is Bates's brainchild-"

"The Vandernon?" I asked. Could this be the reason for the draft?  "What is that?"

"We shouldn't be discussing it here," Dr. Bates advised swiftly, looking around carefully and eyeing at least two security cameras. "Wait 'till we're with the others. At the main facility."

Kiltch unlocked and opened up the Hummer door, and we piled in. The other eight, I thought, eagerly awaiting what would happen next with suspenseful desire.


Same thought echoed in my mind. Totally different circumstances.

The other eight, I thought. Time to say hello. Again.

I wasn't eager this time around.

And, slowly, they began to trickle through the door and into the messaging room.

The End

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