Chapter 1.2

Brisla walked into the village with everyone staring at her. What was there to stare at? Was it not normal to see a person in town? She sighed as she searched for a tavern to stop by. Maybe wanderers weren’t the most often sight here. There was a small one nearby and so she walked in.

“A pint of butterbeer.” She said slamming down the change.

“Butterbeer for the traveller!” The barman shouted, counting the money.

“One pint, butterbeer, serving up!” A server dropped the mug on the counter. Brisla swept it up and plopped down at a seat to think.

Where would she go now? Continue down the road? Maybe she should go and find a companion. It would be much more jolly if she had one. She looked around the room but found no one in particularly interesting. A few gamblers, a buff looking thug, an old man. Nothing traveller material. As she scanned the room, the door opened and a 10 year old boy strode in. He ordered a butterbeer and sat down. Brisla stared at him curiously. What was a boy doing here? Obviously it also seemed like his first time.

“Hey, boy.” She shouted. The boy turned around. “You want to join me?”

The boy grinned.

“Sure.” He grabbed him mug and jumped over to her table. Brisla eyed the boy curiously.

“So, what takes you here today?”

“My sister was being stupid. So I’m running away.”

“Really?” Brisla looked from her drink. Would he be willing to come with her?

“Yeah. But now I don’t know what to do...” He trailed off.

“Would you be willing to join me?”

“Really? Sure! What do you do?” The boy nodded eagerly.

“Well, I suppose you can call me a full time wanderer. I travel for a living.”

“Are you serious? I’ve always wanted to be a wanderer!” The boy looked at her in awe. “Take me in. Please! Please please please!” He jumped up and down shaking her arm.

“Of course.” Brisla said with a wide grin on her face. “Welcome to the world kid. Now, you need to tell me your name. I can’t just call you kid.”

“Granite.” He responded eagerly.

“Brisla.” They shook hands.

“Nice to meetcha, Brisla.” Granite saluted with a large smile on his face. The little boy looked so excited.

“Well, what are we waiting for? Finish that drink and we’ll need to get going.”

“Yes sireee!” Granite turned and started chugging down his drink.

The End

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