Author's Note

This isn't the typical cliche vampire story. In the world of Morameer, there are Nitlingers, who live in the sky to prevent them from killing everyone. But that isn't the source of the problem.
Brisla is a 17 year old wanderer and is hired by Meramor to travel to the Vampire's Sky Village where she and 10 year old Granite find out more secrets that they can hide.

A Note from the Author:

This is a rewrite of an epic legend in the world of Morameer. Many names and words, in translation, have been changed to similar and more familiar terms to avoid confusion. While there are many, the most important one that the author wishes to make note of is the use of the word vampire.

In Morameer, these creatures are called Nitlingers. The author has decided to use the parallel of vampire for convenience only. Vampires and Nitlingers are two very different creatures and they share only few characteristics. One of which is the need to consume blood.

The End

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