They were stood outside the vampire’s house, watching as the red sun sank beneath the horizon. Sophia reached out and took Lukas’s shaking hand.

“Are you sure about this?” She asked, looking up into his green eyes.

A week had passed since Lukas had changed, and he was still finding it strange. Having gone three hundred years with out limitations, without injury, it annoyed him when he couldn’t run as far, as fast, and when he hurt himself. But he wouldn’t go back. Being human may be odd, but it meant he could be with Sophia.

“I have to.” he replied quietly. “As the leader, I have to hand over control.” It was vampire custom, although Lukas was pretty sure this was the first time it had happened with a human handing over power.

“Sapphire won't be happy.” Sophia noted.

“I don’t care. She deserves everything she gets.” Lukas muttered.

“I don mean that. I mean that she has been fighting to make you love her for years. And now this has happened.” Sophia shrugged. “It’s not going to end well.”

He sighs. “I know. Are you ready?”

She nods, squeezing his hand lightly as he knocks on the door. It opened, revealing Sapphire. Her pink eyes travelled quickly over Lukas, and landed on Sophia.

“How are you not dead?” she exclaimed angrily.

Sophia smiled slightly. “Because I’m still alive? Anyway, we aren’t here to talk, Sapphire, we are here on business.” She looked at Lukas, who raised his head so Sapphire could see his eyes.

She stumbled back, staring at him. “How…How?” She stuttered

“Simple. That curse your mother put on me? I managed to break it. What was it? Oh yes, If you ever love, you will end up hurting them, destroying their short lives. I love Sophia and I fought against hurting her. Because I loved her.”

“And this is why you came here? To rub it in my face that you will never love me?” Sapphire snarled.

“No.” Lukas sighed, rolling his eyes. “I, Lukas, Leader of the Nest, put my Second in charge. I relinquish all power, all hold I have over the vampires, and put them under the control of my Second, Sophie Riddle, also known as Sapphire.” He stepped back, away from the door. “That’s why I came here.”

Sapphire looked at him sadly. “But I don’t want that. I was here because of you.”

“I don’t care. You are in charge now, I want nothing more to do with you.” Lukas looked away from her, down to Sophia. “Come on, we are done here.” He turned away.

“Wait!” Sapphire shouted after him. He turned back, to se her eyes bight with anger. “If you walk away, Lukas, you will regret it. Go with that human, and you will be doomed. I promise.”

He laughed. “I would follow Sophia where ever she leads, Sapphire, you can’t stop that.”

“Maybe not. But I can do this. There is a war coming, Lukas. A war you and I will fight in. A war your human will fight in. a war I will start because of you. Walk away from me, and every vampire will fight against humans, every witch, every werewolf will have to choose where they stand. This war will be your own fault.”

“Do your worst, Sophie Riddle.” He said, turning away again. This time, when she screamed his name, he did not respond.

Sophia and Lukas walked across the village before stopping. He gathered her into his arms and kissed her. It scared her. It wasn’t a comforting kiss, it was a kiss saying sorry, saying goodbye. She pulled away, and looked at him.

“She is going to start a war, isn’t she?” Sophia whispered.

Lukas nodded. “I’m sorry. It seems while I am here, you won't be safe.”

Sophia grabbed his arms tightly. “Don’t talk like tat, Lukas. You are not going to leave me now. What ever happens, we fight together. Okay?”

He strokes her cheek with his thumb. “I won't leave you. But there is something we have to do.”


He turns her around, so she could look past the village, into the trees that surrounded it. “We need to find every werewolf pack, every witch coven, and get them on our side, against the vampires. It will be dangerous, Sophia.”

She scans the dark trees, then turns back to the village, to the home she had grown up in. finally, she looked up back to the golden haired boy, who was studying her worried. “Then we find them.”

She took his hand, and made the first steps out of the village, knowing now, the future was unsure.

The End

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