Chapter 2Mature

“Hunter!” Sophia called out, searching the sky for her companion.  In the distance, she heard him call back, and smiled. Putting her thumb and finger in her mouth, she whistled loudly, watching the small dot in the sky grow. The bird flew down and landed on her shoulder. She stroked the raven’s head softly, smiling. “Hey, Hunter. Where did you go?” The bird cawed quietly, ruffling his feathered. Sophia laughed, walking down the street towards her home.

Hunter had been apart of her life since as long as she could remember, and was her companion, friend, and the thing she trusted most in the world. Hunter wasn’t a normal raven. He was her familiar. She was proud to have him- familiars were rare, and it showed that she still carried the witch blood in her- even though she didn’t have the magic that came with it.

The sky darkened suddenly, and she looked up, realising that the sun had vanished beneath the horizon. She frowned, quickening her step. Once the sun went down, it wasn’t the humans that ran things. It was the ‘Wolves, the ‘Pires and the Witches. Real witches, not the relations, the unmagical ones like her. Darkness was dangerous for humans.

“Go and watch.” Sophia said. Hunter flapped his wings and set off, flying above the buildings. Sophia blinked, her vision blurring slightly as she used her connection to the raven to see through his eyes.

The streets were dark, oil lamps dotted around for safety- but no enough of them. Sophie was still a few roads from home, and she knew she had to get there quickly.

“Fly!” She called to Hunter as she started to run. Her feet pounded on the road, her breath misting in front of her. But then she heard it. Or, didn’t hear it. The silence. The noise all humans were taught as children- the worse sound to hear. Nothing at all. Because only one thing could be that quiet. Vampires.

A few metres away, a small alley was hidden in the dark. Sophia ran up and hid at the end of it, trying not to move, barely breathing. She concentrated on Hunter. Watching from his eyes for them to appear. There were about twenty of them, pale, strange coloured eyes glittering. Silver, purple, yellow, black. Hunter dove down, sensing Sophia’s interest, so she could take a closer look. Sophia knew about nest hierarchy. They walked in their ranks- newest and lowest at the back, following the leader. Sophia’s jaw dropped as she saw the leader. He stood tall, his silver grey eyes bottomless, his hair swept back. He walked with the grace that they all had, showing their predator nature. But there was something different about this one. Her head screams danger at her, but there was something behind it, something that told her he tried hard to look that way. She scanned the others in his Nest, watching his Second-In-Command with interest. Her purple eyes never left the leaders head- as if almost worried about him. Sophia shook her head. Impossible. Vampires didn’t worry. But his second almost looked…familiar to her as well. Sophia watched as they walked through the streets, scouting for somewhere safe to stay. As they disappeared into an old graveyard, Sophia let out a breath, sneaking back on to the road and running home. She through open the door, breathing heavily, and stopping as she saw her mother watching her.

“Where have you been?” she shouted.

Sophia winced. “Sorry. I ran into a little problem. I didn’t exactly want my blood stolen from me.”

Her mother froze. “What? Please, Sophia, please tell me you are lying. I won’t punish you.” Her face was set, her hair tied up tightly, making her look even angrier. Sophia suddenly realised something.

“No. Hunter saw them. And you know the funnier thing? The Second looks a lot like you.” She smiled, not able to stop herself. The whole family knew about the history- why they were only part witch. When Persephone curse that boy her daughter had chosen, Sophie rebelled. She married- because she had to- but her children were raised as pure human, never learning magic. This resulted in the witch blood but nothing else in each generation. After Sophie had had her children, according to the stories, she had got a vampire to bite her, so she could find the boy she had chosen. And it seemed the stories were true.

“Are you saying what I think your saying, Sophia?” Her mother spluttered.

“Yes. Sophie Riddle is back, mother. And the blonde hairs, silver eyed leader? It has to be the boy.”

Her mother turned around, looking in the cupboard. She brought out a small wreath of dried flowers, and placed it on the inside of the door. “Sophia. This is an order. If they are back, you are not to go out at night. They are dangerous. You have to promise me.”

Sophia frowned- she wouldn’t go out at night any way. “I promise. What are the flowers for?”

“Protection. I brought them off one of the Witches a few years ago. I’ve never had to use them before though. I hope they work.”

Sophia nodded. Some of the-nicer- witches make a living by making protective charms for the humans. To put your faith in a bunch of flowers though, it took courage. “They will, mother. Don’t worry. Anyway. I’m going to let Hunter in.”

“Yes Sophia. Although I wish you left the raven outside.”

Sophia grinned, running up the stairs. She opened her window. “Hunter.” She called, and the raven flew through into the room, flying to the top of her wardrobe where he slept. Sophia sat on her bed, thinking about the events of the night. Things where going to be a lot more interesting around here now

*          *         *        *        *         *         *       *

Lukas was happy with himself. They hadn’t found a house- but the graveyard had many crypts they could use to sleep in. it was the perfect place to be. But the village had changed. It was bigger, but barely recognizable. It wasn’t his place anymore.

As her did with every new place they went to, he sent all the nest out- even Sapphire, against her will- to scout the village and find out about the people, and other things. On the first night, they were not allowed to drink blood, in case they got a Werewolf Prospect. Lukas, however, stayed in the crypt. He would go out in daylight, when the nest was asleep, so no one could guess what-or who- he was. Gently, the vampires all came back, as the sky lightened to pink, then red.

“Boss? Are you okay?” Daniel, his newest recruit, had walked in without him noticing.

Lukas nodded. “Just thinking, Daniel.”

“Okay, Sir.” He turned away, walking back towards the door.

“Wait. What did you find from your scouting?”

Daniel paused, wondering if it was a test. “There are no other Vampires in the areas, and there have not been any around for a while. And the ‘Wolves have no Prospects.”

“Good. You may go.” The other boy smiled slightly and walked away.

After a while, the sun had come up completely, bathing everything in its red glow, and Lukas could her nothing. He stood up quickly and walked out, wincing as the sunlight hit him. He walked out of the graveyard, down the street to find his old home. The one place he wanted to see, but wanted to run from at the same time. But as he got to the right street, he stopped. Gone was the building he could remember, and in its place, a human factory. He stood staring at it for what seemed like hours, until he heard the gentle heartbeat of a person behind him. He turned, and saw a small girl, staring at him, a raven on her shoulder.

Lukas grinned. “Should a young lady like yourself be out alone?” he stepped forwards, extending his hand. “Come, I will escort you home. You never know what is around here.”

The raven flapped its wings, madly, but the girl just smiled grimly. “Quiet, Hunter.” She whispered.

Interesting, Lukas thought.

She addressed him. “How are you out in the sun?”

His eyes flashed, and she took a step back. “Whatever do you mean?”

She snorts. “I know who you are. You’re that Vampire leader who came here last night. I saw you. So how are you out in the sun?”

“I am not a vampire.” He took another step towards her, leaving only a small space between them. He suddenly noticed her eyes, deep, blue, strong. She was almost…beautiful. He shook his head. He had drunk from- and killed- many beautiful girls before. It made no difference. He would still end up killing this one.

Her eyes danced with both fear and humour. She whistled quietly to the bird, watching as it flew away before speaking. “Oh, I forgot. You’re not a true vampire. You’re cursed. Your Lukas.”

“Oh? Isn’t it only fair, if you know my name, I know yours?”

She turned away, laughing. “I’m Sophia. Named after Sophie Riddle. The witch to blame for all this. The Witch, coincidently, that is your vampire second.” She started to walk away from him.

He stared after her, shocked. His second. But that was Sapphire. Sapphire, Sophie, Sophia…

He started to move, running after her and grabbing her, pulling her into a small alleyway. His eyes glittered dangerously in the shadows. “My second? Explain.”

She laughs. “Explain what? You didn’t know your second is Sophie? Wow, Lukas, how stupid are you?”

“Not as stupid as you, it seems.” He chuckled, leaning towards her. She backed away, and whistled loudly. Hunter suddenly flew down and flapped around his face, making him let go of Sophia. She ran to the entrance. “I am not stupid, Lukas. Far from it.” She said, before running off, the raven quickly following. Lukas watched her retreating figure, before turning away.

Sophia didn’t stop running until she reached the house. Her heart, and her mind, was racing, and half of her wondered what had just happened. Up close, she had the same feeling off him- he had tried to be dangerous. He didn’t bite her, didn’t hurt her. He could have done. She almost wanted to see him again. Sophia laughed. No she didn’t. if he saw her again, he would end up killing her. They both knew it. She sighed, turning and sitting down on the steps, her head in her hands. Playing with fire- with vampires- it was a dangerous game. It couldn’t end well.

“Sophia?” her mother had opened the door, looking down at her. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing, mother. Just thinking.” She muttered, standing up and walking in.

Her mother grabbed her arm. “Sophie. Talk to me.”

Sophia started shaking, tears in her eyes. “What am I suppose to say, mother? I just met a ‘Pire that can walk in sunlight. Your whole safety thing won’t work!”

Her mother sucked in a breath. “ Did it bite you?”

“No, mother. Hunter didn’t let him come near me. But…”

“But what?” her mother said sharply.

Sophia shook her head slightly. “I don’t know. There was something about him.”

“Sophia. Please tell me you are not going to look for him. He is a vampire.”

Sophia stayed silent, looking down at the floor, a small smile on her lips. Her mother knew her well- and sometimes Sophia wished she didn’t. her mother carefully lifted her chin up, so she could see Sophia’s eyes. “Promise me, Sophia. You cant, he will kill you. Promise me.”

“I cant, mother. My mind is made. I have to do this. But if I cant…” she walked over to the other side of the room, and opened a small box, bringing out a wooden stake. “I will take this and kill him first.”

Her mother nodded, and kissed her on the forehead. “I know nothing I say will make you stop, Sophia. So be careful. You may think there is something different, but he is still a vampire. He would kill you without a second thought.”

Sophia nodded, gesturing to Hunter to follow her as she climbed the stairs to her room. If she was going out tonight, she would need sleep first.

*          *         *        *        *         *         *       *

Lukas was furious. At himself, at the girl, Sophia. Had she been telling the truth? Or did she just say it to try and save her skin? He snorted. Either way, it didn’t matter. He would find and kill her anyway. But first, he had something else to do.

He crept quietly into the crypt, and sat down beside Sapphire. Her eyelids fluttered slightly, but she didn’t wake. He trailed his hand down her cheek, and then wrapped it round her throat, massaging it. Her eyes snapped open.

“Lukas?” She whispered, confused.

“Shh…” He smiled darkly, tightening his grip. Here eyes widened, the purple iris almost disappearing behind the pupil. Vampires didn’t need air to breath, but cutting off the access still made them feel uncomfortable. He slowly moved, straddling her hips, so he could look down at her. “Tell me, Sapphire. Why do I know nothing about your past?”

She blinked; fear in her eyes, and reached up to pull his hand away. “I don’t understand.”

He laughed. “Oh, but I think you do. Tell me, Sapphire. How old are you really?”

“You know! I was twenty when I was turned…just over one hundred years ago. I’ve told you this before.”

“Yes, but I don’t think I believe you now.” He trailed his hand down her side, feeling her shiver, and picked up a small stick. He snapped it in half, making a sharp point in the middle. He lazily flicked it around his fingers, knowing her eyes would be on the piece of wood. “You know the good thing about being immortal, not Vamperic, Sapphire? Wood doesn’t effect me like this.” He traced it down her arm, watching as the skin opened, and the blue blood poured out. She screamed. “Now, Sapphire. Are you going to tell me the truth?”

The End

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