The next morning

I awoke to find Dean lying on the bed beside me, his hand resting on my fur. It did not mean he felt anything for me, but I still felt warmth spread through my heart.

He looked at me. "You're awake," he observed.

I nodded. Did you have a pleasant meal last night?

Dean shook his head, sighing. "They were too passive."

Why did they submit to you?

I regretted the question as soon as I asked it for I instantly imagined myself in the situation, happily submitting to Dean. I shoved this thought aside, hoping he hadn't heard it.

"They were depressed," he said, almost mournfully.

I desired to say 'There, there' or some other words of comfort, but he was talking about humans who were letting him drink their blood, for goodness' sake, and he would get suspicious if I showed too much concern for him.

Dean looked at me curiously. "What are you thinking, Samantha? Your thoughts are such a haze to me in the morning."

I was amazed by this revelation. Really?

"Well, obviously when you're not directly sending me them. But when you're thinking to yourself, all I sense from you is something like confusion but in itself confused."

He sat up in one swift motion and gazed intently at me. "It does perplex me so."

I shivered inside. I wanted the copper eyes to search me out, to read the message of my soul but I knew how he'd react. I looked away and sighed internally.

"Tell me," he said, sounding frustrated.

I shook my head. When my thoughts are intended to be private,  I would rather they were not intruded upon.

"Fine; I'll just find out tonight."

You will not, I told him and a growl escaped my throat.

Dean laughed. "You won't even know, Sammy."

I thought we were friends, I thought, hurt by his lack of respect for my wishes.

Dean snorted. "Friends? It was you who chose to follow me. You never lay out any conditions."

I jumped off the bed. Well, maybe I shouldn't follow you anymore. You're cruel to me.

"See if I care. At least I won't have to feed you anymore."

Close to tears (or imagined tears), I ran to the door and meowed, demanding to be let out.

Dean opened the door with an amused expression on his face.

I would come back: of course I would. I loved and needed him too much to permanently go away. Oh I wish he had a heart.

The End

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