The Room

When we were safely out of earshot, I began to direct my thoughts at Dean.

An inn? Really?

Dean looked amused. "Since when did you have high standards?" he asked aloud, deliberately reminding me of the fact that I couldn't talk.

An inn is below even you. And you're quite low.

"Oh thanks (!) I'll remember that next time I ask myself why I let you follow me."

I ignored this empty threat. I appreciate it that it's freezing cold outside but to come here? Why did we have to leave that hotel, anyway? I was enjoying myself there.

"Only because everyone was a cat lover and asked to pet you. You adored the attention. I, on the other hand, was getting sick of those compliant donors whose blood tasted how sop would."

What is it about you and having to drink from resistant people?

"I've told you this a hundred times, Samantha. I like the adrenaline."

He reached the door of the room and unlocked it.

I stepped inside first and almost retched at the smell which infiltrated my nostrils. I ran out.

I can't stay here,  I can't.

Dean winced. "You're right - this is pretty bad."

In a flash of motion, he walked over to the window and opened it before returning to the position outside the doorway. He then crouched down and looked into my eyes.

Oh no. Not that.

But he was already transfixing me with those magical copper-coloured eyes. Who would have thought you could hypnotise a cat?

But you're not a cat, he thought in my mind, strengthening the connection I felt when he was using mind control thus drawing me in further. You're a person. And people fall. So fall, Sam. Let go and fall...

I fell.


I awoke upon the single bed. I found I couldn't smell anything. It was quite odd.

Are you going to be okay? I asked, internally grateful that he had removed my sense of smell.

Dean nodded. He was standing by the window, watching the night.

I stood up and stretched. Has my milk been brought up?

Dean smiled and pointed to a bowl near his feet. I jumped off the bed and wandered towards it. I nuzzled against Dean's legs before beginning to lap up the milk, which I found I could taste despite the fact my nose wasn't working.

Afterwards, I returned to the bed and lay down, rolling a few times to release the tension in my muscles.

Night, Dean, I thought sleepily.

"Night Sam." His tone was almost affectionate. But he was a cold-blooded vampire and so emotion didn't come naturally to him.

I considered the shame of this as I drifted off to sleep.

The End

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