The Vampire .3

                                              It stood perfectly still, even in the strong wind its cloak and hair remained completely motionless.  The people passing seemed oblivious to his presence, they stepped around him as they passed without even noticing they were doing it, even in that crowded street, she was utterly alone, just herself and the vampire.  She needed to get away, somewhere safe, somewhere off the street.

                                          Across the road, a Turkish kebab shop owner was arguing with a drunken customer, she was tempted to cross and wait in the shop, in case the police were called.  Directly between her and the vampire was the local night club, loud music was spilling out into the night, she counted four very large doormen guarding the main entrance, deciding this was the safest option, she quickly ran to the club entrance, hoping they would not turn her away.

                                         The vampire watched its prey wasting its time trying to hide trying to delay the very thing it wanted the most.  The vampire was immortal and had all eternity to hunt and play, there was nowhere the prey could run or hide its own want for release was the very thing drawing the vampire to it.  The vampire saw the world through very different eyes to us, a black and white world without darkness or shadow, where the only colour was the blood travelling through the bodies of those it hunted.  Nowhere to run nowhere to hide, it lived in darkness but sees right through it.

                                        She stopped in front of the largest doormen, a huge mountain of a man who cast an approving look over her.  She summoned up as much feminine charm as she could, and gave him a broad sexy smile, flicking her long eye lashes at him,

“Go on then” the doormen moved aside to let her pass.  When she reached the desk to pay, the woman manning the till was in the back, hanging coats up in a small cloak room.  She fished her purse from her bag and opened it she had less than fifty pence and knew her cards had already all been cancelled.  The check in girl was still fussing with the coats and there was no one else to notice, so she took a last look at the door, to make sure they weren’t watching her and then slipped through the curtain that hung over the door leading to the dance floor and bar.

                                                The club was packed and the music so loud her head was already starting to hurt.  She just needed to find somewhere to sit, wait and hope that the thing stalking her went away.  Most of the room was dedicated to the dance floor, with a small raised area containing a few tables at the far end.  She moved on to the floor, pushing past girls throwing their hair in every direction and trying to avoid the hands of excited drunk young men grabbing at her.  She reached the other side of the floor and stepped up onto the seating area, there was one free table right in the middle of the row, a man and woman having stopped kissing long enough to realise their drinks were empty.  She walked to the table and sat down, looking around nervously. 

                                                The music made no sound in its ears, overwhelmed by the deafening pounding of the heartbeats all around it.  Pulses raced with alcohol, drugs, sex and dancing, the atmosphere was intoxicating, but it was nothing compared to the power that pulled it through the crowd.  It was using its mind to mask its presence, from the cattle and its prey.  The vampire was a master, appearing only when it meant to, spending the rest of its time in shadow.  Then it found her, homing in on its will before it saw the prey, it was looking for its hunter, eyes wide and weary, moving over the room quickly, scanning the faces of the cattle, the vampires lust increased with the game, it wanted to feed, hunger overcoming patience.

                                            Her nerves were starting to settle a little, the club seemed safe and there was no sign of her pursuer, she was even beginning to enjoy the music. 

“Can I buy you a drink?” a man had appeared at her side, he was quite smartly dressed and had a nice smile,

“Sure” why not she didn’t want to leave yet, the man walked away towards the bar, she watched him for a moment feeling a lot safer now someone would sit with her.  She turned back to face the dance floor, but instead looked right into the burning red eyes of the vampire, it was sitting at her table smiling at her, flashing its gleaming fangs.

                                     She shot up from her chair and fell backwards into a man who’d been standing behind her,

“HEY!” she got to her feet, looking back to the table, it was empty.  The man who had offered to buy her a drink came back and put a hand on her arm,

“Are you alright?” she pulled away, picking up her bag from the floor,

“I have to go” she turned away and saw the vampire again, it was standing behind the bar, just leering at her, the bar staff running around it as though it wasn’t even there.  She looked around for the exit, spotting it she fled for the dance floor.  Trying to push herself through the crowd again, politeness getting her nowhere, she started pushing and shoving people out of her path, then her hand pressed down against something very cold.

                                                  She turned her up to look into the face of the person she was pushing, the vampire looked down at her then run an ice cold finger down her face, it spoke without speaking, its voice literally emanating inside her head,

“Why do you resist?” she pulled her head away from his hand and dove into the crowd again, pulling, pushing and tearing her way through the throng before finally reaching the exit.  She burst through the curtain, running the short hall to the main door,

“Alright sweetheart, take it easy” the doormen told her as she pushed past them.  She stopped at and looked back at them, she wanted to tell them someone was after her, but as she looked, she saw the face of the vampire looming over them, it was at least a foot taller than them all.  It stood directly behind them, so close that surely they would have noticed its presence by now?



The End

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