The Vampire .2

She continued walking and reached the edge of Leopard Street, the main high street which ran for nearly a mile straight through town, the long, last leg of her journey.  She watched the group of drunk boys stumble, laugh and kick litter bins over on the way to the local club, wishing she was out with her friends, enjoying life, instead of wishing....wishing what?  Wishing it was easier?  Better?  No, no that wasn’t it, that wasn’t what she was feeling at all.

She was wishing it was over.


She spun in her heels, the wind taking her hair and throwing it up into her face, with one hand she pulled the long strands from her eye, with the other she grabbed hold of a lamp post, trying to keep her balance.  Something had moved behind her, something had made the sound and yet all she saw was the empty arcade and a couple of street lights.

                                       A cold chill, that had nothing to do with the cold wind, ran down her back, she knew the street behind was empty and yet could feel eyes on her, watching her, moving over her body.....wanting her.   Turning back towards the road ahead, she walked on quickly, the urge to get back to her little flat now overwhelming.  As she walked, her eyes kept looking backwards, over her shoulder still she saw only the empty street yet knew that someone was still there.

                                      It moves silently along the roof tops, burning red eyes fixed on its prey.  The one prey it stalked knew it was being hunted now,  the vampire could smell the blood being pumped faster and faster through the preys veins, its heart beating out a drum roll to the feed.  It reached the edge of the building and perched on the lip, watching the prey as it moved further on still looking back down the way it had come, trying to locate the hunter.  The vampire was old, and a skilled hunter, it had followed her along the ground until they had reached the bright street, then had scaled the building in a heartbeat, allowing itself to make a little noise, a slight disturbance in the air, just enough to invoke a reaction of fear in its intended victim.

                                                 The sensation of being watched and followed was increasing, her nerves were starting to get the better of her and ever strengthening wind was not helping.  A third of the way back now, she was about to pass another local pub when six or seven drunk men stepped out, spotting her, they began cat calling,

“Oi oi, gorgeous!”      

“Get em out then sweet heart!”

She stopped a few yards from them, wishing she hadn’t.  There was an alley off to her right, which she knew ran behind the pub and the next four or five shops before emptying back out on to the main street, she could turn down and run, reaching the other end quickly, in case they decided to follow.  She took one last look over her shoulder then turned.

                                              She walked quickly to the bend in the path, which would take her past the back of the pubs and shops.  Turning the corner, she saw the alley was actually very well lit and breathed a sigh of relief.  She could not hear any of the men following her, yet still felt she was not alone.  The alley was only a couple of hundred yards long, she’d be out on the main road again in no time so continued walking.

                                            Her eyes fixed on a pile of black bin bags, piled up at the end of the alley, by the exit.  Half way down, something moved behind her.  She turned sharply and stood completely still, staring back.  All she saw was the corner in the alley and the opposite wall, nothing moved, no noise.  She turned back and took a few more steps forward, suddenly, something very large and black fell silently on to the bin bags, she stopped, her eyes opened wide and mouth slightly open, her whole body shaking, whatever it was, it wasn’t moving.

                                          She slowly began walking backwards, away from whatever the black thing was.  Her brain telling her to walk back to the other end of the alley, to just go back the way she had come and get back out on to the main road, cursing herself for being stupid enough to go this way in the first place.  She fought against herself, willing her eyes to leave the dark mass and her body to turn away and run.  Finally she snapped her head away, turning and taking a long step forward, readying to run.....when she collided with a tall, dark figure.

                                          It stood seven feet tall, its face was long and thin, the skin pulled tight across its skull, it’s skin was a translucent white, blue veins showing through, running down and across its cheeks and its eyes were a deep, blood red.  It was dressed in a long black cloak or robe that covered its entire body, a wide collar cupping its neck.  Its hair was jet back and long enough to pass its shoulders and its mouth was slightly open, she could see two rows of tiny sharp teeth, and two very long fangs, gleaming with saliva.

                                                    She wanted to run, scream, but neither would come, its gaze was holding her still she could almost feel it’s very will taking her.  The vampire was staring down at her, the edges of its mouth curved into a tiny smile,

“Are you ready?”

She could not move or speak fear had taken her whole, the sides of the vampires cloak shifted, and two large, long finger nailed and deathly white hands emerged.  The vampire reached out to her, placing its hands on her shoulders and pulling her towards it,

“NO!” she shoved back hard against his chest and stepped back, unsure of why or where the strength to fight back had come from, all she knew was she had the chance to get away and needed to take it.  The vampire did not move it stood its ground, continuing to smile at her, eyes burning into hers.

                                               She turned and ran as fast as she could, reaching the end of the alley in no time and diving out into the street.  A group of passersby stopped to watch her, a couple pointing and laughing at her.  She turned back to look down the alley, it was empty.  As the group moved on she followed, not caring how much they laughed at her, she just wanted to get away from whatever that had been.  The group began to break apart, two crossing the road, calling goodnight to their friends.  Through the gap in the people, standing at the next turn in the road, a few yards ahead, was the vampire, waiting for her.

The End

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